1. I—S—O—P—T
  2. MIT Shape-Change
  3. Mission patch for TSFSR
  4. APAP(3): Designs for Exhibition
  5. APAP(2): Digital Archive
  6. APAP(1): Identity
  7. Aesthetics of Automation
  8. TED Fellows Retreat
  9. Copenhagen Wheel Identity
  10. Change of State
  11. Projection for ICP Event
  12. A+–xB Workshop
  13. Medium is the Same
  14. Roadshow: Korea
  15. Clyfford Still Museum Proposal
  16. Status! Status! Status!
  17. Trans-Cntntl Poking Machine
  18. Absentee
  19. OPT Working Title
  20. MIT Media Lab Identity
  21. Tribute to Mandelbrot
  22. AGWF
  23. Subcurrents
  24. Trash Track (BalkTalk@MoMA)
  25. Study: Additive Circle
  26. Manual: The Manual
  27. Paul Arrives
  28. The Password
  29. Study: Additive White
  30. Clockwise
  31. MFA 2010: 1st Yr Exhibition
  32. Making Do 3
  33. 16×16: GDMFA 2009
  34. Oh Yes ’09: 2nd Yr Exhibition
  35. Thesis Helmet
  36. UG Senior Exhibition ’08
  37. Study: Indiscriminateness
  38. Thoughts on Printing
  39. Being Bothered
  40. 50 Words in Relation
  41. Study: Pointlessness
  42. Justification
  43. A Hundred Days at 8pm
  44. Double Standard
  45. If I Were You
  46. Undergrad Comp. Exhibition
  47. 2 ½ Years of Vocabulary
  48. Alcatraz: poem by Sharon Olds
  49. Climate Crisis on Djibouti
  50. Real: 9/11/2007
  51. The System: Mapped Out

Study: Additive White

Overly complicated setup to create a white projection: The most neutral color – white is projected on a white wall using three projectors connected to three computers, each displaying not-so-neutral red, green, and blue.

The work was shown at Platform in Kimusa (2009), Seoul Korea.

Study: Additive White is part of the self-initiated project that investigates the common misbelief of the technological advancement. It is typically assumed that technology’s mission is to direct us toward a more efficient state, and that this will result in a more efficient environment. However, the more I looked into the promises of systems, the more I saw their failures and flaws: some were funny, others ridiculous, and all of them a function of a kind of unavoidable inefficiency. I found irony, stupidity, excessive effort when none was required, unnecessary complexity, pointless acceleration, speed at the cost of solvency. This overly complicated setup to project nothing on a wall tries to demonstrate this futile aspect of a system, while using three different computers and projectors each displaying red, green and blue in synchrony to recreate white. Naïve assumption was made that this setup will project a complete white – as advertised by its manufacturers and as written in the first chapter of color theory books.

3 computers with 3 Projectors,
1280 x 1024 pixels

Yale School of Art, Fall 2008

Photo from Samuso

Earlier project:

Later project:
The Password