1. I—S—O—P—T
  2. MIT Shape-Change
  3. Mission patch for TSFSR
  4. APAP(3): Designs for Exhibition
  5. APAP(2): Digital Archive
  6. APAP(1): Identity
  7. Aesthetics of Automation
  8. TED Fellows Retreat
  9. Copenhagen Wheel Identity
  10. Change of State
  11. Projection for ICP Event
  12. A+–xB Workshop
  13. Medium is the Same
  14. Roadshow: Korea
  15. Clyfford Still Museum Proposal
  16. Status! Status! Status!
  17. Trans-Cntntl Poking Machine
  18. Absentee
  19. OPT Working Title
  20. MIT Media Lab Identity
  21. Tribute to Mandelbrot
  22. AGWF
  23. Subcurrents
  24. Trash Track (BalkTalk@MoMA)
  25. Study: Additive Circle
  26. Manual: The Manual
  27. Paul Arrives
  28. The Password
  29. Study: Additive White
  30. Clockwise
  31. MFA 2010: 1st Yr Exhibition
  32. Making Do 3
  33. 16×16: GDMFA 2009
  34. Oh Yes ’09: 2nd Yr Exhibition
  35. Thesis Helmet
  36. UG Senior Exhibition ’08
  37. Study: Indiscriminateness
  38. Thoughts on Printing
  39. Being Bothered
  40. 50 Words in Relation
  41. Study: Pointlessness
  42. Justification
  43. A Hundred Days at 8pm
  44. Double Standard
  45. If I Were You
  46. Undergrad Comp. Exhibition
  47. 2 ½ Years of Vocabulary
  48. Alcatraz: poem by Sharon Olds
  49. Climate Crisis on Djibouti
  50. Real: 9/11/2007
  51. The System: Mapped Out

TED Fellows Retreat

A – "moving" – B is a visual identity for the TED Fellows Retreat 2013, with a theme of "Fellows Moving Mountains." The fellowship program started in 2009, and the number of TED Fellows groew over 300 globally, with most of whom never had a chance to meet each other. The retreat in Whistle, BC was intended to provide time to spend altogether and conspire, with strong emphasis was on getting people introduced to each other.

The visual identity is tailored to each TED fellow by matching them with a carefully chosen object representative of their work, to aid the process by providing a context in the conversation.

Designs for various objects/screens were made, including the Fellows Book featuring each 300+ fellows headshot for their own copy, in collaboration In-house International.

Design Interns: Steve Choi, Yujin Lee

Sound designed by Blue Brain, Hays Holladay & Ryan Holladay
Fellows book in collaboration with In-house International, Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz


Earlier project:
Copenhagen Wheel Identity

Later project:
Aesthetics of Automation